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NASA astronaut denies claims of space crime made against her by spouse

Space agency NASA is investigating the claims against astronaut Anne McClain, the details of whose divorce were made public recently. McClain’s estranged husband Summer Worden alleged that she had accessed Summer’s bank accounts using inappropriate means. Worden also said that a NASA computer network was used to access his account.

In what could very well be the first financial crime to be committed from space, the Worden alleged that the inappropriate access to his accounts were made while she McClain was aboard the International Space Station serving a mission. The space agency was investigating the matter through the office of the Inspector General.

The 40-year-old astronaut refuted the claims made by Worden and tweeted that there was no truth to those claims. She also said it was tough dealing with the media when she was already undergoing a painful divorce. Worden had a son from a previous relationship, and McClain had been helping to raise the child. McClain, through her lawyers, communicated that she had accessed the bank account because she was also financially supporting Worden’s child.

Post their wedding in 2014, McClain wanted to adopt Worden’s son. McClain had refused for this and claimed parenting rights before the dissolution of their marriage. The space agency’s internal investigation committee said that the confusion happened because, though the divorce continued, the couple’s finances weren’t separated at that time.

McClain and her fellow astronaut Christina Koch had a spacewalk scheduled for March 29. What could have been the first all-female spacewalk in history couldn’t happen because NASA astronaut Nick Hague replaced McClain. NASA said that McClain had refused the spacewalk because she had earlier realized, during a previous spacewalk, that a medium spacesuit was the best fit for her torso. Born in 1979, NASA astronaut McClain has served the posts of lieutenant colonel and engineer for the U.S. army.

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