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Musk To Launch Design Of Space X’s New Starship

Founder of Space-X, Elon Musk announced the unveiling of its colonization structure at Starship Mars late this week, while making a presentation at the firm’s South Texas facilities near Boca Chica. The discussion which will happen late evening will be streamed live online on several websites related to space news so that enthusiasts can watch it. Musk has made several such updates about the progress of his space adventure plans each September end since 2016. Though several issues related to the project have changed since then like the architecture’s name that shifted from Interplanetary Transport System to BFR and the current title Starship and Super Heavy.

Musk had told during 2017 that BFR will be around 348 feet tall but the tweaked design that was revealed last year is as high as 387 feet. The basic design of Starship is a two stage rocket system comprising of passenger carrying vehicle which is stacked above massive rocket called Super Heavy. Both the sections have been constructed in such a way that it can be used multiple times said Musk. The Starship-Super Heavy will be powered by Raptor engine of SpaceX and its stainless steel 100 passenger capacity body will have six raptors while the first stage rocket will have 35 raptor engines.

The presentation will have a pleasant visual aid comprising of recently assembled Starship MK1 that will be used by Musk. This prototype has three engines which SpaceX wants to use in a test flight for the first time in October. The MK1 is as high as 165 feet and will attempt to fly at an altitude of 12 miles and conduct orbital test flights in future. Space X is also making another vehicle called Starship Mk2 at its Florida facility. Musk stated that competition between both construction teams will help to improve the design of final Starship. If the testing campaign goes as per schedule the final Starship could take its maiden flight soon.

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