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Elizabeth Warren Responds To Leaked Audios Of Mark Zuckerberg

Elizabeth Warren who is a presidential candidate has publicly responded to an attack on her by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, which was leaked. She said that she was not going to be bullied out of taking major tech companies to task for practices that are anti-competition.

Warren had subtweeted the founder of Facebook which followed a leak in which there were two hours of audio obtained from a session of Q & A internally with Zuckerberg and published a series of snippets.

In one of the snippets, the leader of Facebook can be heard giving his opinions on the plan of Warren to break up big tech is not going to be good. He said that someone like Elizabeth who considers breaking up companies as the right answer, if becomes president, it would mean that there would be a legal challenge posed to them which he was still confident of winning however he felt that it would not be nice to be a part of a major lawsuit against the government.

Warren in her response said that what actually is not good is the non-fixing of a corrupt system which allows Facebook and similar companies initiate practices that are illegal and anticompetitive and thereby affect privacy rights of the consumers and not be responsible towards the protection of the democracy.

In addition following up to her tweet she said that she is not going to stop holding big companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook accountable.

The audios were leaked by a media house called Verge and in a following Facebook post, called the views in the article to be sane and also them to be unfiltered views which have been put there for everyone.

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