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Warren takes a dig at FB for surreptitiously changing political ad. policy

Presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren criticized Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg again this week through a series of tweets  after a video emerged showing him telling his employees about the existential threat that the company will face from her administration if she comes to power. In her tweets early this week she spoke about a promise that Zuckerberg made during his meeting with President Trump last week for making changes in Facebook’s advertisement policy regarding political advertisements. On 24th Sept Facebook had announced that it will not check facts of advertisements placed by politicians or remove the content even if it violates company rules.

In fact Nick Clegg, Facebook’s VP Global Affairs and Communications stated in his blog that it is not the company’s role to intervene in politician’s speeches until it endangers people or is a paid advertisement that violates its regulations. Warren tweeted that public deserves to know how Facebook is planning to use its influence during current elections. She also asked the firm to divulge details of the discussion between Trump and Zuckerberg. She said that after the meeting Facebook changed its policies about misinformation spread by political ads and allowing politicians to publish ads with information that have already been declared as lies by non-partisans.

In other words Facebook is open to publishing advertisements of politicians with lies. Warren denounced Facebook for allowing Trump’s political advertisements worth $1 million a week on its platform even though he is facing a House impeachment inquiry. She says that the advertisements will carry the same lies which television channels have refused to showcase on their platform. When Warren had declared her idea to break up big technical companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and others it made their future a key issue of 2020 elections. Zukerberg’s comments that were leaked to The Verge were made during an internal staff meeting shows that he knows the possibility of an antitrust action in the near future.

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