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Google Aims For A Certification Program For Android Gaming Handsets

Google is designing a Game Device Certification project to make sure that upcoming gaming handsets pack enough power and meet minimum standards to behave unsurprisingly for Android game creators. Google has not declared the project yet, but media obtained papers summarizing new needs for makers. In one segment, Google tells about the technical requirements for new Game Device Certification, which makers will have to meet so as to announce an Android handset is licensed and game-ready.

As per the paper, the needs are meant to make sure that “game creators do not face lost CPU cores, unforeseen throttling, or other strange system behaviors.” Handsets must support the Vulkan Graphics API version 1.1, meet other requirements, and permit apps to assign minimum 2.3 GB of memory.

It is comprehensible that Google might need to set some laws for mobile gaming handsets. Mobile gaming has turned out to be the biggest player in the video game industry, earning almost 50% of the global revenue of the industry last year. Games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty are blurring the once clear boundaries between PC and mobile or console games. Makers are catching on, and we have seen flagship gaming handsets from Black Shark, ASUS, Nubia, and Razer. We have also learned that gaming machine is dangerous business.

As media highlights, Google has not announced publicly the Game Device Certification project, and there are not any handsets on the market that have the certification. But there is a good opportunity Google will unveil more about the project in the coming future.

On a related note, Chinese giant Tencent and Qualcomm earlier declared that they will cooperate on a series of programs, comprising a 5G gaming handset. The two firms declared plans to include 5G to the ASUS ROG Phone II, which employs Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC by Qualcomm, and which Tencent trades in China.

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