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Green tea likely to be effective in combating super bugs

Antibiotics are very important for humans as they provide essential aid in treating several bacterial infections. They were first used by doctors in 1930s. On the other hand fungi and bacteria are becoming resistive to various drugs which are especially designed to destroy them. Due to this reason, it takes a long time to treat diseases which are caused by bacteria which have turned drug resistive.Sometimes, it also gets impossible to cure the disease.

In America near about 2 million citizens are infected on yearly basis by bacteria which are resistive to drug, which in the long run caused death of 23,000 individuals. Researchers are trying to find a cure against pathogen which is resistive to antibiotic.

In one of the recent studies, researchers have tested green tea compound. They found that one of the compound present in green tea can bolster antibiotics those of which have started to fail so that they can start to eradicate bacteria in an efficient way. Scientists focused more on Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which is considered as a prime cause of several infections related to blood, respiratory system, urinary tract and skin.

Scientists stated that bacteria have become resistive to several antibiotics and it is very difficult to put up a fight against them. At present doctors are treating infections related to P. aeruginosa with combination of several antibiotics. Epigallocatechin which is a type of polyphenol is present in green tea and scientists are conducting investigation on it regarding whether it can cure rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation or not.

In an investigation taken place recently researchers introduced aztreonam in EGCG. Aztreonam is a type of antibiotic which is used to combat against P. aeruginosa. Researchers found out that the combination is effective in decreasing the number of P. aeruginosa inside the laboratory. To study the behavior of the antibiotics scientists have used larvae of wax moth.

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